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8 Habits That Can Help You Prevent Chronic Lung Diseases


8 Habits That Can Help You Prevent Chronic Lung Diseases

An individual should always prioritize their respiratory health. It is one of the major systems in our body that keeps us alive and living. But sometimes, people take it for granted which leads to different chronic lung diseases that they have to suffer for the rest of their lives. In order to prevent them, people should make it a habit to always improve their respiratory health. Here are 8 habits that everyone should take note of, in order to prevent chronic lung diseases.

1. Do not smoke

One of the major causes of death-causing lung cancer is cigarette smoking. Smoking will narrow the air passage that making it more difficult to prevent. It is one of the habits that you should never acquire. It can be addictive so distance yourself as much as possible because it will slowly destroy your lungs. If you happen to smoke, it’s never too late to quit. Look for association in your area that helps smokers quit their bad habits.

2. Always wash your hands

Washing your hands can help you in preventing potential infections that might enter your body. Make it a habit to always wash your hands after and before a meal. Bring alcohol or sanitiser with you around in order to keep your hands clean all the time. In that way, the risks of having chronic lung diseases are lessened because of your clean hands.

3. Exercise regularly

Make sure that you engage yourself in different recreational activities. Don’t laze around and keep your body moving. It’s a good way of improving your respiratory health and it’s also great for the rest of your body too. It helps in improving the capacity of your lungs as well as their function. Not only that but there are breathing techniques that can relieve your stress and improve your mood.

4. Get regular check-up

Most of people do not visit their doctor until they feel that something is wrong. Do not be like them. Make it a habit to always visit your doctor for a regular check-up. Even if you think you are feeling well, there might be a potential infection that is slowly developing and the sooner that you’ll learn about it, the lesser the chances of it getting worse. Visit your doctor now!

5. Always carry a handkerchief or mask

If you are planning to go outside, make sure that you always have a handkerchief in your bag or wear a mask. Public places are one of the areas where you can easily get the lung infected, as these areas are crowded most of the time. Make sure that you have something to cover your nose and mouth and as much as possible, do not go too near to people around.

6. Maintain your healthy weight

Being skinny is not healthy and being too fat neither is. Seek advice from your doctor about your ideal weight and take your time to achieve it in order to improve your lung health. Once you have gotten your healthy weight, then you must maintain it by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Obesity can sometimes lead to chronic lung diseases and malnutrition is not good for your respiratory system too.

7. Always stay hydrated

Bring a bottle of water with you anywhere you go so that you will stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water regularly will help you in thinning the consistency of the mucus lining in the airway as well as your lungs. If you don’t have enough water in your body, the mucus will eventually thicken and it will slow down your body’s respiration that making you vulnerable to potential lung infections.

8. Learn the different breathing techniques

You can enrol for a yoga class and learn about the different breathing techniques if you think that you are a shallow breather. Deep long breaths are essential in order to deliver fresh oxygen down into the bottom of your lungs in order to keep them functioning better. This is one of the best exercises for your improving your lung health that you could execute, so make sure to follow it properly.

Take note of these habits and you will be able to combat potential infections. In that way, you will be able to spend the rest of your life without having to suffer from chronic lung diseases because of irresponsibility and bad habits.

In addition to maintaining your respiratory system, it is also essential to maintain a healthy heart. Making healthy lifestyle choices can protect and improve your heart’s health.

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