Establishment of Eco Management System

the contribution to a sustainable recycling oriented society

ISO14001 Certification

Omron Healthcare group companies – Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. headquarters, Omron Matsusaka Co., Ltd., Omron Dalian Co., Ltd. and Omron Healthcare Product Development Dalian Co., Ltd. – are accredited with ISO14001, the International Organization for Standardization’s certification for environment management systems.

We at Omron Healthcare are making constant improvement with our own eco management system, which is to clarify the effects that our major products – home-use health/ medical care equipment and professional-use medical equipment – and service would have on the environment, aiming to reduce the eco-impact and prevent pollution.

ISO14001 Certification (Omron Healthcare HQ)
Certification 152005
Number Original Approval April 12, 2004
Date April 6, 2006
Renewal Date 2004 Version April 6, 2006
ISO14001 Certification
Theme 2005 Activities
Target Result
Less CO2 Emission
by Energy Saving
Electricity (t-CO2) 494 441 - Turn off PC when not in use or set at low-power mode
- Turn off lights during lunch breaks
Gas (m3) 69 63
CO2 emission (ton) 563 504
Waste Reduction Non-industrial
waste (kg)
11634 11224 - Promote recycle-oriented floor design
- Double-side/ reduced photo-copying
Industrial waste (kg) 7961 4543
Waste Recycling Recycling rate (%) 80 69 - Work more with recycling companies
Eco Products Making of eco-label
products (%)
50 100 - Make eco-label products using no regulated chemicals and less materials
Products free of regulated chemicals (%) 100 Existing:
Other Education programs for product environment assessment reviewers - Four R&D
- General & specialized education based on the environment ISO
- Reviewers' education
ISO14001 Certification
Course Description 2005
# of
(1) Education of general employees 227 11
(2) Education of managements 15 1
(3) Special operations education (for those engaged in chemical substances, eco-facilities) 115 9
(4) Seminar for internal environment auditors 1 1
(5) Training of eco-effect evaluators 14 3
(6) Education on other eco-related matters (handling of fluorescent X-ray analyzer) 19 2