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Our Global Mission is to improve lives and contribute to a better society

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Who We Are

OMRON Healthcare India Pvt Ltd is providing innovative medical technologies and products for Monitoring and Therapy. With OMRON’s competent technologies, reliable and effective healthcare devices are guaranteed to enhance any health management regime. Whether you need to keep that hypertension in check or take the temperature of your child, you can confidently rely on OMRON. After all, our company’s mission is to contribute to healthy and better lifestyle through enhancing customer satisfaction.

The products provided by OMRON Healthcare India Pvt Ltd includes home healthcare products- blood pressure monitors, body fat monitors, pedometers, digital thermometers, respiratory devices, massage devices, and many other healthcare devices to help you enjoy a healthy living.

Adding to the product line,OMRON Healthcare India Pvt Ltd also provides medical devices for hospital use.

About Omron Healthcare

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With its headquarter in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Healthcare Co. develops and manufactures health equipment for home and medical use, health management software and health promotion services.

In seeking to realize a society where people can enjoy healthy and comfortable lives, OMRON Healthcare believes that promoting the prevention of lifestyle diseases is one of the primary objectives. Towards this goal, OMRON Healthcare establishes the value of “Healthcare @ Home”.

“Healthcare @ Home.” It connects home and clinical practice with the day-to-day health information measured at home in order to prevent lifestyle diseases and monitor effects of the treatment. By looking beyond technology, our real commitment lies in helping people to lead healthy lives.

OMRON’s wide range of home healthcare products includes Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers, Nebulizers, Digital Weighing Scales, and Electronic Pulse Massagers. We achieved more than 200 million units of Blood Pressure Monitors sold worldwide, making us the global leader in Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.

Our professional category includes portable ECG Monitor, Non-invasive Vascular Screening Device, and Professional Blood Pressure Monitors. With the mission to help realize a healthy and comfortable life for people around the world, OMRON Healthcare continuously strives to create high quality products and provide them globally.

Know More About Hypertension

Our Global Mission is to improve lives and contribute to a better society

Milestones in Product Developments

Year 2012
Key product developed

HBF-252F body composition monitor

Built-in automatic recognition function makes instant measurement possible simply by stepping on the unit

Year 2012
Key product developed

HEM-6310F automatic blood pressure monitor

The slimmest and lightest wrist BPM designed for quiet measurement.

Year 2012
Key product developed

HEM-7251G automatic blood pressure monitor

3G-enabled BPM for use with MedicalLINK high blood pressure management service

Year 2012
Key product developed
2012 Omron Healthcare

Sleepmeter HSL-101 and SleepDesign Lite HSL-001

Sleep checkers to measure and analyze sleep state, duration, etc., to help improve quality of sleep

Year 2011
Key product developed
2011 Omron Healthcare

HBP-1600 Spot Check Vital Signs Monitor

Japan’s first patient monitor with automatic transfer of blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs into electronic health records

Year 2011
Key product developed

DUALSCAN HDS-2000 visceral fat analyzer

World’s first professional-use visceral fat analyzer using impedance analysis method, capable of safe, easy, and accurate estimation of visceral fat area

Year 2009
Key product developed

HEM-7250IT automatic BPM, HJ-205IT pedometer, and HBF-208IT body composition monitor

Communications-enabled devices for use with WellnessLINK health management service

Year 2009
Key product developed
2009 Omron Healthcare

HEM-4500-SOL upper-arm blood pressure monitor

Japan’s first solar-charging BPM

YEAR 2007
Key product developed
2007 Omron Healthcare

Active Style Pro HJA-350IT activity monitor

Accurate measurement of various daily activities with the newly developed algorithm.

YEAR 2007
Key product development

HEM-9000AI blood pressure monitor with augmentation index

Development of central aortic blood pressure estimation technology contributes to next-generation hypertension treatment

YEAR 2005
Key product development
2005 Omron Healthcare

HCG-801 portable ECG monitor

Easy-to-use personal ECG recorder

YEAR 2002
Key product development

HEM-637IT wrist blood pressure monitor

Japan’s first wrist BPM with an advanced positioning sensor

Year 1999
Key product development
1999 Omron Healthcare

Form BP-203RPE non-invasive vascular screening device

World’s first oscillometric monitor for Simultaneous meaVelocity and ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) to determine stiff or clogged arteries

year 1997
Key product development

BP-88 blood pressure monitoring system

World’s first timely detection of changes in cardiovascular dynamics

YEAR 1996
Key product development

Tasche HJ-110 free-style pocket pedometer

Accelerometer and angle detection sensors make it possible to count steps with the device in a pocket or bag, not clipped at the waist

year 1995
Key product development ​
2005 Omron Healthcare

HBF-300 body fat monitor

First home-use handheld fat monitor

year 1992
Key product development ​​

MC-500 professional-use ear thermometer

Japan’s first ear thermometer

YEAR 1991
Key product development ​​​

HEM-706 fuzzy logic automatic digital BPM

World’s first fuzzy logic-based inflation control

Year 1988
Key product development ​​​​

CBM-3000 non-invasive vital signs monitor

World’s first patient monitor using tonometry method

YEar 1985
Key product development ​​​​
1985 Omron Healthcare

BP-308 blood pressure monitoring system with ECG monitor

World’s first patient monitor with ECG

Year 1980
Key product development ​​​​​
1980 Omron Healthcare

MC-20 home-use electric thermometer

First home-use thermometer with digital LCD display

Year 1979
Key product development ​​​​​

BP-203 blood pressure monitoring system with oscillometric method

Japan’s first use of oscillometric method

year 1973
Key product development ​​​​​​
1973 Omron Healthcare

HEM-1 digital blood pressure monitor (BPM)

First BPM

Year 1972
Key product development ​​​​​​​

MC-320 professional-use electric thermometer

First professional-use thermometer


Matsusaka Factory Omron Healthcare
Strategic Producer
Matsusaka Factory

Matsusaka Factory, the central “mother” factory of OMRON Healthcare Group, is positioned as a strategic base responsible for pressure sensors and other key devices embedded in our products, as well as medical equipment.

Omron Dalian 1 Omron Healthcare
Global Supplier
OMRON Dalian

OMRON Dalian in China, which supplies more than 90% of our home-use products worldwide, is striving to maximize production efficiency and provide high-quality products at lower prices and quicker turnaround times.

Vietnam 1 Omron Healthcare
Global Supplier
OMRON Healthcare Manufacturing Vietnam

In December of 2007, our new production base was established in Vietnam, with plans to gradually increase the number of items produced, and an overall goal of boosting monthly production capacity for home-use blood pressure monitors to 450,000 units by 2010.

wsbbzj7o 1 1 1 Omron Healthcare
ISO Certified Quality

We are medical equipment manufacturers qualified by the International Organization for Standardization: OMRON Healthcare was accredited for ISO9001 (quality assurance) and ISO13485 (medical equipment quality management system) in 2004; OMRON Matsusaka earned ISO9002 in 1995, ISO9001 in 1999 and ISO13485 in 2003; OMRON Dalian earned ISO9002 in 1996, ISO9001 and ISO13485 in 2004.

pexels alena koval 886521 1 1 Omron Healthcare

Environmental Policy

Basis of our efforts toward sustainable, recycle-oriented society respecting OMRON Corporation’s Environmental Policy

Zero Use of Regulated Chemicals

Eco-minded choice of resources: RoHS compliant & more

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Establishment of Eco Management System

Changing for the better to reduce eco impact & prevent pollution

Eco-Product Development

‘Green’ eyes watching every R&D stage to make most possible eco-friendly products
pexels artem podrez 5726794 1 1 Omron Healthcare
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Please note that the only authorized communication channels for Omron Healthcare Customer Support are 1800-419-0492 and callcentre@omron.com. <br> Omron Healthcare does not and will not contact you using any other channels. Omron Healthcare does not request any payment prior to carrying out any repairs through any means, including through UPI.

Customer Support Center: Call at 1800-419-0492 between 9 am to 5:30 pm on Monday till Friday (Except holidays).

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