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Top 10 Lifestyle Hacks To Improve Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Top 10 Lifestyle Hacks To Improve Cardiovascular Health

Protecting and improving your cardiovascular health is something you should seriously take into consideration. Heart disease is one of the leading death-causing diseases worldwide. Therefore, you need to change your lifestyle choices in order to improve your cardiovascular health. Whether you are suffering from a cardiovascular illness or not, here are the top 10 lifestyle hacks that can protect and improve your heart:

1. Be active

As much as possible, spend at least 30 minutes a day doing something that keeps your body active and moving. You could jog around your neighbourhood or enrol in Zumba classes as your way of exercising. Regular exercise not only helps in losing weight but also to protect your heart as well. Obesity could lead to cardiovascular illness and one way to combat it is practising regular exercises in order to lower your blood pressure and promote good blood flow throughout your body.

In case you have no idea where to start an active lifestyle, you could ask a friend to accompany you to the gym or search for local exercise programs in your area and get moving.

2. Quit smoking

You must’ve heard about the fatal diseases linked to smoking cigarettes and that includes cardiovascular diseases. Smoking will increase your risk of having cardiovascular diseases up to 4 times because it will build up plaques and harden your arteries, causing your heart to malfunction.

If you happen to smoke, there are various ways that you could try in order to stop the bad habit. Try smoking cessation aids or counselling. It may take some time and it can be quite hard but you have to choose this lifestyle choice in improving your cardiovascular health and reducing your risks to cardiovascular illness.

3. Reduce stress

If you can’t completely free yourself from stress at least try to reduce it through meditation, regular exercise and joining various spiritual practices. Learn to breathe and relax once in a while. Find a quiet place where you cannot be disturbed and you’ll have some time to self-talk. This is highly advisable especially for people who have heart diseases because it reduces the rate of having a stroke by about 50%. For youngsters, reducing stress greatly decreases the possibility of hypertension.

To put it simply, build a surrounding where you are away from stress and all the problems of the world.

4. Maintain your weight

As we have mentioned above, it is important that you practice regular exercise in order to maintain your weight. Being overweight or underweight is one of the factors that hugely contribute to having heart disease. The best thing that you can do is to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it by having the right diet and regular exercise.

5. Eat right

If you don’t want to gain weight, then watch out for the food on your plate and begin to eat right. As much as possible, always look for foods that are rich in nutrients but low in calories such as seafood, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Minimize eating processed foods with preservatives because it increases the level of bad cholesterol in your body. You can experiment with different recipes in order to add colour to your menu.

6. Do your health check-up regularly

You need to have a general health check-up every once in a while in order to determine if you have an illness that you do not know about. There are some people who have high blood pressure and they are not even aware of it.

High blood pressure could lead to cardiovascular diseases because it damages the organs and arteries in your heart. You can manage it by talking to your doctor and coming up with a treatment plan in order to improve the condition of your heart.

7. Manage food cravings

One of the leading factors of gaining weight is craving food just to fill the emotional rather than the physical needs. Make sure that you know how to manage your food cravings by looking for nutritious substitutes for chips and cookies. For instance, if you are craving ice cream, buy yourself a low-fat yoghurt in order to fill your needs without having to add bad cholesterols in your body.

8. Always follow the treatment plan

If the doctor advises you not to eat this various food, learn how to discipline yourself and follow the plan. If you do not tend to follow it, then it’s useless and you’ll be putting yourself in higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. If you have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular illness, changing your lifestyle choices according to the plan will improve your cardiovascular health.

9. Know your family’s health history

There are some diseases that can be inherited and being able to know about your family’s health history will educate yourself about the potential risks that you have for cardiovascular diseases. For instance, your mother died because of heart disease, which will increase the chance of having the same diseases too if you continue to neglect it. Talk to your relatives or family and get to know about the medication history of your family line.

10. Get educated on cardiovascular health

You cannot start changing your lifestyle choices in an attempt to improve your cardiovascular health without educating yourself. Make sure that you know everything that you need to know about maintaining a better and improved cardiovascular health, the different risks and diseases associated with your heart and exercise programs that you can choose from.

Equipping yourself with enough knowledge is a great start in keeping you and your heart healthy. As much as possible, read books, articles and research that are related to cardiovascular health in educating yourself about the topic.

Maintaining better cardiovascular health is never easy. There are lots of lifestyle choices that you needed to change in order to improve your cardiovascular health but it’s all worth the effort if you can spend the rest of your life without having to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. These lifestyle choices will lead you to a healthier life and a brighter future!

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