May Measurement Month

May Measurement Month

Hypertension is dubbed as the ‘silent killer’ as it is mostly asymptomatic. As per the National Family Health Survey of 2017, one in every eight Indians suffer from high blood pressure taking the toll of affected people upto 207 million. 1 However, nearly 18 percent of the patients do not get correctly diagnosed with the disorder.2  In fact, WHO identifies Hypertension as the most prevalent but preventable disease. Hence, there is a burning need to create awareness about regular screening of hypertension among all age groups. 

About May Measurement Month

May Measurement Month is an initiative by the International Hypertension Society focused on educating people about the dangers of elevated BP and the importance of regular BP screening. The aim of this campaign is to drive more and more people of the age 18 and above to regularly get monitored for blood pressure. Under the MMM campaign, volunteers in over 100 countries have screened people across locations for BP as the largest FREE public Hypertension monitoring program in the world. 

Aiming at the bigger picture, the data generated from the screenings is used to motivate governments to enhance the facilities with regards to monitoring and management of blood pressure and reduce the global burden of fatalities and comorbidities caused by Hypertension. 

Omron is one of the most ardent and featured supporters of the MMM campaign besides the likes of World Hypertension League, Servier, Medtronic, and many more. 

Sign Up and celebrate May Measurement Month With Omron 

Professor Neil Poulter, Chief Investigator of MMM and Former ISH President (2016-2018) states 

“Even with increased threats to public health this last year, raised blood pressure remains the biggest single contributing risk factor for global death and the worldwide burden of disease. We want May Measurement Month to increase public understanding, and help save lives that need not be lost ”

Hence, the May Measurement Month has been extended to run between 1st May to 30th November this year. 

Elevated blood pressure is the most prevalent cause of cardiovascular health risks in people. A simple one-minute check everyday can help in eliminating related health-risks. Hence, Omron urges all citizens and our patronage to sign up for the May Measurement Month which shall be witnessing the participation of more than 80 countries this year. 

To register yourself for Hypertension screening, you can access the link shared as follows:

You can also contribute to the MMM campaign by becoming a volunteer or leading a screening facility. To register or procure more details about the campaign, you can use the above-mentioned link. 


Besides taking part in the MMM campaign, we need to come together to aware not only ourselves but also one another about the importance of regular BP screening. Additionally, we must progress towards home BP monitoring method coupled with lifestyle changes in order to regulate high blood pressure. 

We hope that in the coming years MMM campaign combined with our collective efforts will be able to defeat and curb the global challenge of Hypertension. 


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