Hypertension Management at home

Hypertension is  amongst one of the precursors of comorbidities. Almost 30 percent of the patients who succumbed during the current pandemic were reported to be suffering from High Blood Pressure. High Blood Pressure and the other chronic diseases related to it tend to weaken the immune system in humans making patients susceptible to infections.

Owing to our demanding lifestyles compounded by the lockdown in the wake of the current pandemic, patients worldwide are unable to step out of their homes and visit the doctors. Hence regular monitoring and regulating their disease is very important.

Although Hypertension might not be completely curable, However, regulating it with home monitoring is possible. Regulating high blood pressure can decrease the chances of heart failures, strokes, artery ruptures, and heart disease and enable you and your family members to lead a healthier tomorrow.

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Regular consultation with your physician is also equally important for devising an accurate treatment plan. We believe in empowering our customers to step up and take charge of their health irrespective of any limitations. 

Hence, our Bluetooth enables Blood Pressure monitors come equipped with ability to connect with the Omron Connect Application. It is an application that can be installed on your smartphone or tablets. The Omron Connect app makes it possible for you to access high blood pressure readings at your fingertips at any time and anywhere without stepping out from your home. 

Omron Connect comes with an intuitive interface that lets you have clear insights and track your progress without the need for manual recording. You can transfer your health data directly from the blood pressure machine to the application in your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. Going up a notch, the Omron Connect application comes integrated with the Optical Code Recognition or the OCR feature. It allows you to scan the readings via the application without the need for Bluetooth Connectivity. It makes it particularly convenient for older people to track their health data. 

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Take Control of Your Life With Omron Connect

The Omron Connect application stores your health data (Hypertension Readings) and lets you access it at your fingertips at any given point in time. The intuitive interface of the Omron Connect Application lets you track your health progress without the need for manual recording. The Application can be installed on iOS or Android smartphone and tablet devices.

For Bluetooth connectivity
For OCR feature