Why Choose Omron


All Products are Clinically Validated

We ensure all Omron Blood Pressure Monitors are clinically validated and meet the highest standards of precision and reliability from trusted organisations such as AAMI or ESH.


Intellisense® Technology for Comfort & Accuracy

Intellisense® Technology, available in all Omron Blood Pressure Monitors, can automatically personalise the cuff inflation just for you to ensure fast, accurate and more comfortable measurements.


Trusted Brand from Japan with Over 45-Years Experience in Home Blood Pressure Monitors

Our blood pressure monitors are available in over 110 countries/regions and used worldwide by millions of people and healthcare professionals. We offer a wide range of products to suit differing needs and keep innovating new technology and solutions in the heart healthcare field.

All Products are Clinically Validated

How do we know if a blood pressure monitor (BPM) is accurate? The best assurance for accuracy of a BPM is Clinical Validation.

A Clinically Validated BPM is one which has been evaluated by an independent organisation and tested against, as well as met the stringent requirements as set out by international organisations such as Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Standard (AAMI) and European Society for Hypertension (ESH).

Type Product Models ^ Clinically Validated According to Standards of Equivalence
Clinical Study
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Standard (AAMI) European Society of Hypertension International Protocol (ESH)
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7120-AP 2 B
HEM-7120-IN 3 B
HEM-7121-AP 2 B
HEM-7121-IN 3 B
HEM-7121-AU   4 C
HEM-7124-IN 3 B
HEM-8712-AP 2 B
HEM-8712-IN 3 B
HEM-7123-AP3 (JPN500)   5 C
HEM-7130-TH 6 B
HEM-7130-AP 7 B
HEM-7130-AU   8 C
HEM-7130-LAP   7 C
HEM-7130-LIN   9 C
HEM-7131-AP3 (JPN 600)   9 C
HEM-7270-AP   10 C
HEM-7270-IN   10 C
HEM-7320-AP 11 B
HEM-7320-AU   12 C
HEM-7322-AP 7 B
HEM-7322-AU 13 B
HEM-7280T-AP   14 C
HEM-7600T-AP3 1 A
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6221-AP   15 D
HEM-6121-AP   16 D
HEM-6131-AP   17 D
HEM-6232T-AP   18 E
HEM-6161-AP   19 E
HEM-6181-AP   20 E
Professional Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-9200T   21 C
HEM-9210T     F