Common misconceptions about nebulizers

Common misconceptions about nebulizers

Common Misconceptions About Nebulizers

#1 The Bigger And/Or Louder The Nebulizer, The More Powerful It Is.

The size and the noise level of the nebulizers are dependent on the technology it was developed with. According to the European Respiratory Society (ERS) guidelines, particle size, aerosol output and aerosol output rate are the key performance indicators.

#2 The More Mist Produced, The More Effective The Treatment.

Visibility of the aerosol produced is dependent on the particle size. Higher mist visibility suggests larger particle size, which is suitable for upper airway treatment. Whereas, most asthma medication targets the lower airways. Look for nebulizers that produce the right sized particles (MMAD) for the most effective treatment.

#3 One Nebulizer Can Treat Both Airways

Not every nebulizer comes with the capability to target both airways. Some nebulizer models have the added feature to adjust the particle size produced. Select your nebulizer based on your target treatment area.