Drug-Free Alternatives For Managing Hypertension

Drug-Free Alternatives For Managing Hypertension

Over the years Hypertension has transformed into a global epidemic which leads to various other serious medical disorders related to the heart, kidney, and brain. As per WHO estimate 1.13 billion people suffer from Hypertension and most of them live in countries with low or middle income (including India). 1 Increasingly sedentary lifestyle, consumption of  unhealthy diet adulterated excessive salt and saturated fats, obesity, etc. are some of the contributing factors to the rise in global high blood pressure cases. 

This disorder is dubbed as the “silent killer” as patients hardly experience any symptoms. By the time they get diagnosed, other mild to severe comorbidities latch on to them. Fortunately enough, there are several ways to manage Hypertension and keep it under control. 

Although the medications for hypertension prove effective in controlling hypertension levels, they can lead to side-effects in the longer run. Side-effects from these medications lead to irregular heartbeats or palpitation, joint aches, fatigue, diarrhoea, gout, intestinal disorders, potassium deficiency, erection related disorders, weight loss/gain, fluid retention, and a lot more.2 If your hypertension level spikes up abnormally  or you suffer any strong side-effects of medications, we advise you to immediately get in touch with a doctor. 

Thankfully enough a combination of lifestyle changes can also come in handy with regards to controlling hypertension. In this article, we shall be drawing focus on a few such remedies and lifestyle changes that could help in keeping your hypertension levels in check without completely depending on medicines. 

Lifestyle Changes To Regulate Hypertension

Small changes in lifestyle can play an imperative part in regulating your blood pressure levels. Adopting to a healthy lifestyle can also delay or decrease your dependency on medicines. Here are a few things that you can incorporate in your lifestyle to lead a hypertension free life:

  • Blood pressure often results from an increase in body weight or obesity. Weight gain also leads to sleep apnea which further raises hypertension levels. It is believed that with every kilogram you lose, the blood pressure drops by 1 mmHg.  Controlling the waistline also helps in regulating hypertension. 3
  • Chronic stress is a major contributor to the risk of developing blood pressure. To add to that, unhealthy eating habits, smoking cigarettes, or consuming alcohol might deteriorate the condition. Hence, by adopting ways to get rid of stress can help you control your blood pressure levels.  4
  • Excessive intake of sodium in diet also elevates blood pressure levels. The ideal limit of sodium consumption in a day for adults is up to 1500 mg. A few effective ways of reducing sodium intake is to check food labels, cut down on processed foods, and not add extra salt in your diet. 5
  • As mentioned in the beginning of this article, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the contributing factors of hypertension. A 150 minute walk each week is recommended to regulate hypertension. Aerobic exercise is scientifically proven to be beneficial in reducing and controlling blood pressure. 6

Drinks and Treats To Regulate Hypertension

Besides lifestyle changes, you can adopt a healthy diet and drink in your routine to keep hypertension at bay. Luckily, there are a few interesting drinks and treats that you can eat to control blood pressure:


  • A 2020 report published in the European Journal Of Nutrition states that consuming the juice of cranberry or cherry can regulate blood pressure level. 7
  • Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which is considered to be helpful in thinning of blood thus regulating hypertension. Consuming water infused with chia seeds can prove beneficial in this pursuit. 8
  • Probiotics in general are believed to be beneficial in controlling hypertension. Kombucha is a probiotic drink that produces a lot of good bacteria and besides lowering blood pressure it can also take care of your gut health. 9


  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids have been proven effective in maintaining blood pressure levels. 10 Salmon and other fatty fish are a rich source of these fatty acids.11 There are many interesting ways to consume salmon. You can have it smoked, grilled, baked, or pan-seared. 
  • Studies have shown that the intake of dairy products can reduce the risk of hypertension. 12   Greek Yogurt as a dairy product which is rich in nutrients, minerals, potassium, calcium and can also help in controlling blood pressure. 13
  • Cocoa-rich edibles are also a great source of controlling blood pressure. 14 Consuming 1 ounce of dark chocolate  consisting of 70% cocoa every day can help in lowering your blood pressure. 15

These were a few dietary and lifestyle recommendations from Omron that can help you in leading a healthy life while enabling you to manage Hypertension. 

Regulating Blood Pressure Through Home Monitoring 

We at Omron, strongly recommend keeping a tab on your blood pressure. One effective way to do so is through home monitoring. It also allows you to stray away from consuming hypertensive drugs thus protecting you from any side-effects in the future. Home Blood pressure monitoring can also help in diagnosing any potential health risks and alerting your physician about the same. 

Since we are suffering from the second wave of pandemic, it is impossible to visit doctors or go for regular checkups. Hence, more and more people are opting for e-consultation with their physicians. Thankfully,  Omron BP  monitors make the process of e-consultation all the more effective as it allows  you to  monitor yourself at home and share the readings with your doctor, easily by using Omron Connect App. 

Read the following blogs to know more about Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home With Omron during the current crisis. 

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Besides home monitoring it is also important to have the support of your friends and family in these challenging times. Stay in touch with your family members and doctors to control your blood pressure and upgrade to Omron digital BPM monitors to stay prepared for a healthy lifestyle. 


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