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Fast Ways To Relieve Your Child’s Blocked Nose

Fast Ways To Relieve Your Child’s Blocked Nose

Fast Ways To Relieve Your Child’s Blocked Nose

The pediatric population can catch cold easily as they are in the process of developing an immune response that can combat the common viruses. A congested nose is one of the common consequences of catching a cold. Nasal congestion happens when  mucus blocks the nasal passage. It is the body’s defense mechanism to combat external pathogens. 

Causes Of Nasal Congestion In Children

To prevent a disorder it is always pragmatic to start with understanding the causes first. Nasal congestion in the pediatric population can occur due to numerous reasons. Studies have established the relationship between passive smoking and Lower Respiratory Infections (LRI) in children.1 Allergies can also trigger nasal congestion.Besides these factors, nasal congestion can also occur due to changes in weather, dry air, and deviated septums. 3

Prematurely born babies are more likely to suffer from nasal congestion as their air passage is narrower than average babies. 4

In some cases, nasal congestion may be indicative of a serious underlying health issue such as:5

  • Tumor
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus
  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

Hence, it is advised to consult a doctor in case your child suffers from chronic nasal congestion. 

Symptoms of Nasal Congestion in Children

For many caregivers nasal congestion is a serious concern as the younger pediatric population is incapable of blowing their noses affecting how well they breathe. Hence, as a parent or guardian, it is imperative for you to be able to identify the symptoms of nasal congestion in your children. 

If you feel that your child is suffering from difficulties due to nasal congestion, look for the following symptoms:

  • Nasal Discharges (either clear watery or yellowish green).
  • Nose Bleed
  • Headache/Facial Pain/Ear Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Inconsistent or heavy breathing
  • Fever
  • Watery Eyes/Blue under eye
  • Toothache

Remedies For Nasal Congestion In Children 

The American Academy Of Pediatrics advises against administering over-the-counter cough and cold medications to children below the age of 4 years. 6  These medications can lead to severe side effects in children in the longer run. 

However, to provide relief to your child suffering from nasal congestion you can follow these absolutely safe remedies:

  1. Petroleum Jelly (Vapor Rub)

Pediatric experts say that using petroleum jelly based vapor rubs can help relieve nasal/chest congestion and cold in kids. 7 Look for a vapor rub that contains an amalgam eucalyptus, camphor, and menthol. Run it under the nostrils of your kid and lay them to sleep. 

Do take care to not use the vapor too much or for too many days as it may slowly accumulate in the lungs and lead to lipoid pneumonia.8 

  1. Steam Inhalation

Steam Therapy is one of the many effective ways to treat nasal congestion.9 While it may not help your child get rid of the cold or flu but it will definitely help in unclogging and soothing the nasal passage. You can use an apparatus known as ‘Vaporizer’ for administering steam to your kid. 

Although an effective process, getting children to inhale steam can be a tricky process and we warn you to remain alert throughout. Remember to not leave your infants, toddlers, and young children unadministered during steam therapy as they may end up scalding themselves. 

  1. Nasal Aspirators 

A safer alternative to steam therapy for treating congestion in young children are the Nasal Aspirators or Bulb Syringes. 10  When the mucus in the nasal passage of your kid has solidified you may use a saline nasal solution to loosen it up. Subsequently, you can use a nasal aspirator to suck the mucus out of your baby’s nose and clear their air passage. 

Nasal Aspirators are available in both manual and electrical variants. Take care to be kind and gentle while using them on your child. Using the aspirator harshly may inflame or irritate the nasal passage of your kid furthermore. 

  1. Spices And Soups 

Spices such as Turmeric are said to have anti-inflammatory properties. 11 It can help in soothing the inflammation due to nasal blockage in your children. A common household remedy is to feed turmeric milk to your child. Also, chicken soup is a common remedy for offering relief from cold and cough. 

However, take care to not add too much salt in soups or diet of your kid as sodium is known to cause dehydration which can lead to detrimental effects in treating cold and flu symptoms. 

  1. Home Nebulization

One of the safest and fast ways to relieve your baby’s blocked nose is to use a home nebulizer. A nebulizer is an apparatus which transforms the medication to mist. Compared to medical grade inhalers home nebulization therapy is easier and convenient as it does not require coordinated breathing. Hence, children can use this therapy comfortably and without any hassle. 

Home nebulizers are compact devices that can be used to treat nasal congestion at home without any professional supervision. 

Nebulization At Home With Omron 

Omron is a leading manufacturer of respiratory medication delivery solutions that are equipped with advanced Japanese technology which minimizes medication wastage and provides appropriate particle size to ensure the medicine reaches deep into the lungs. Our nebulizers are safe to use for all pediatric population and designed to ensure the most effective usage. 

Omron Duobaby 2-in-1 Compressor And Nebulizer

The Omron Duobaby 2-in-1 Compressor And Nebulizer machine is recommended by pediatricians to treat respiratory disorders, nasal congestions, etc. in children. The ergonomically designed nebulizer is absolutely safe to be used everyday for children of all ages. The device comes with a nasal aspirator to provide quick relief from congestion before nebulization can be performed for Upper or lower respiratory diseases as per the prescribed medicine . The Nasal Aspirator can be used in kids who are older than 6 months.

To know more about home nebulization therapy and Omron Home nebulizers, please read the blogs linked below:

Blog 1: Respiratory Illnesses Due To The Increase In Air Pollution

Blog 2: The Significance Of Home Nebulization In Regulating Respiratory Illness


Nasal Congestion is a very common disorder to occur in children. We recommend that you follow all the above mentioned alternatives to relieve congestion only after thorough consultation with your child’s pediatrician. 

In case the nasal congestion is prolonged or develops any severe symptoms you must consult a physician. You can also incorporate healthy lifestyle habits in your child’s routine to help strengthen their immunity. A strong immunity will help in keeping cold, cough, seasonal flu, infections, and allergies at bay. 

You can shop for Omron nebulizers at our e-commerce website linked below and avail exclusive warranty of upto 3 years:


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