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What is a Nebulizer Machine? Types and Usage

Nebulizer Machine

What is a Nebulizer Machine? Types and Usage

A nebulizer is a portable machine that can create mist out of liquid medication so that the medication can be quickly and easily absorbed by the lungs (1). Nebulizers are usually used to treat lots of respiratory diseases like COPD, asthma, and many others. Nebulizers are usually available in two versions:

  1. Compressor Nebulizers
  2. Mesh Nebulisers

The Compressor nebulizers can be plugged into an electrical outlet and are slightly larger than mesh nebulizers. Battery-operated nebulizers run on batteries that can be plugged into them, the size of these nebulizers is just like a card deck even. Nebulizers usually have the following parts with which it works:

  •       A base to hold the air compressor
  •       Medication container
  •       A tube/ mask connecting the air compressor to the medication container

Above the medication container, there is a mouthpiece that is used to inhale the mist. Nebulizer medicines are usually predicted by doctors.

Type of Nebulizers (2)

Nebulizers as per their mechanism are divided into the following three types:

  •   Compressed/Jet Nebulizer: In this nebulizer, the gas is compressed to make the aerosol (small medications in the air)
  •       Mesh: In this nebulizer, the liquid medicine passes through a very fine mesh and then forms the aerosol. It is the most advanced nebulizer in the market.
  •       Ultrasonic: Through high-frequency vibration, an aerosol is formed in which particles are quite larger than a jet nebulizer and therefore, the particle size of aerosol can be adjusted.

For suitability of the nebulizer mask or mouthpiece either for your kid or for yourself consult your doctor. The kid’s face mask should fit over the mouth and nose as unlike adults children below 5 years of age breathe through their nose.  

How to Use a Compressor and Mesh Nebulizer?(3)

People suffering from chronic diseases like asthma or COPD must use a nebulizer to take the medication in mist form. Nebulizers are mostly used by patients who are not able to inhale deeply due to any reason.

However, medical equipment like asthma nebulizer should be used properly to get the medication effectively. Medicine should be properly inserted in mesh or compressor nebulizers. The nebulizers can be used for a variety of purposes, but you should try to use them as per directed instructions to get their full advantage. In the above section, we have enlisted the parts of nebulizers. After assembling the nebulizer properly as explained below:

  •       Put the compressor near a power source (compressor nebuliser)
  •       Make your hands clean before nebulizing
  •       Measure the prescribed dose of medicine and pour it into the container
  •       Connect air tube with compressor and nebulizer base
  •       Attach the mouthpiece to the nebulizer
  •       Sit straight on the chair and if you are giving it to your child then make sure that he/she is sitting in your lap properly
  •       Take a deep breather while inhaling the medicine or you can breathe normally as well, so that the medicine can properly settle down into your airways
  •       When enough medication would be inhaled then there will be a sputtering sound and the cup will have only a certain amount of medicine left inside that.
Some Additional Tips:

Ø  Your doctor will advise you on how much medication you should insert into the cup, so follow the advice to get a better result

Ø  For proper use of the nebulizer assemble it properly

Ø  Before using nebulizer machine disinfect it properly

Now check the nebulizer for misting by turning the compressor on. In case the nebulizer is not misting then check all connections or check user manual instructions. Some users get confused about inhalers from nebulizers but both are different and inhalers have some drawbacks as well unlike nebulizers.

Benefits of Nebulizer

Home nebulizers are capable of delivering the right amount of medicine directly to the lungs. As a result, the treatment works quickly and effectively in comparison to pills. However, as per the research by the American Association for Respiratory Care (4), human lungs can absorb only 10-15% of drugs properly, so it is very important for the users to nebulize properly so that the right amount dosage can be taken.

Nebulizers can be used to take several types of medicines. Home nebulizers can be used to take several types of medicines and should be used with complete care and as directed by the physicians. Generally, the nebulizer therapy ends in 15-25 minutes (5)

Caring and Storing the Nebulizers

Cleaning and disinfecting the nebulizer is of utmost importance to prevent infection. Moreover, you should try to keep the nebulizer away from smoke, open windows, or dust while cleaning it. Some to-be-followed instructions are listed below (6):  

  •       After each use of the nebulizer cup wash it with warm water and after removing the excess water and make it air-dried. While using it every day, wash the mask or mouthpiece or cup in warm water with mild detergent and then finally rinse it. There is no need to clean the compressor tube.
  •       Every third day of use of the equipment disinfects it either with a disinfecting solution or vinegar/water. You can soak the equipment for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it with clean tap water. Remove the excess water and let it air-dry before storing it in a zip plastic bag.

Just like cleaning, storing the proper storing of a Nebulizer is equally important. Few standard and the best practices for that are:

  •       If you are not using the nebulizer machine, then cover it with a clean cloth. Wipe and clean it with a dry cloth
  •       Never put the nebulizer on the floor for any purpose either storage or treatment
  •       Nebulizer medicine should be kept in a cool and dry place. Some medicines have to be kept away from the sunlight. If the color of medicine gets changed or crystals have been formed then do not use them.
  •       Some nebulizers come with specific extra care instructions so read out them to maintain or disinfect the nebulizers
  •       Nebulizer components should be replaced after every three to four years. Instruction manuals also have details of the period to replace the parts of equipment.

 You should follow complete instructions for cleaning and storing the nebulizer to get its maximum benefit as a treatment.

Omron Compressor Nebulizer NE-C106

Nebulizers are recommended by health practitioners and are remarkably good in usage and functionalities. Users can easily assemble the device to use it properly.


Final Takeaway

Nebulizers are capable of turning liquid medications into a fine mist that helps in easy and quick absorption of the medicine by the lungs. Doctors advise using nebulizers for various health conditions like to treat asthma, COPD, or any lung disease. They can also be used in conjunction with inhalers. You can choose the perfect nebulizer for your requirement as per your doctor’s advice. The doctor can also advise you on which type of nebulizers can work for your requirement.

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